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COVID19 Update

23rd March 2020

In response to the COVID-19 global pandemic, Kelvin Smith Insurance Brokers can confirm having taken the following steps to ensure the protection of our team and continuity of service for our clients as far as possible:

  • Until we are able to reopen our office, it will remain closed for the time being
  • Our team are all working remotely from home and will be available during our normal office hours on their usual direct telephone numbers or email addresses.

We will all be working hard to continue to provide you with as high a level of service as we can during this time and would like to ask for your patience and understanding should there be a temporary reduction to our service levels or response times.
In the meantime, please see our contact list below:

Name/ Department Position Direct Dial Email
Stephen Travers Managing Director -Corporate Risk 07866 772988
Corporate Risk
Pamela Brown Cert CII Corporate Risk Broker 0141 418 5984
Paul Stoner Cert CII Corporate Risk Broker 0141 418 5986
Chris McKellar Cert CII Corporate Risk Broker 0141 418 5988
Abi Smith Cert CII Corporate Risk Broker 0141 418 5985
Lorraine Scott Corporate Risk Broker 0141 418 5999
Nicola Gow Corporate Risk Broker 0141 212 4590
Commercial New Business   
Scott Gardner New Business Broker 0141 418 5975
Craig Allan ACII Client Services Director 0141 418 5982
Lisa Hearton New Business Broker 0141 418 5990
Business Care  
Chris Downie Cert CII Business Care Team Leader 0141 418 5980
Julie McLelland Business Care Broker 0141 212 4584
Gary Hamilton Business Care Broker 0141 418 5987
Graeme Fingland Business Care Broker 0141 418 5983
Lorraine McKenzie Business Care Broker 0141 212 4587
Fleet Care  
Rena Ross Cert CII Fleet Care Broker 0141 418 5981
Jodie Rafferty Fleet Care Broker (Mon/Tue/Wed/Fri) 0141 418 5992
Lisa Hearton Fleet Care Broker 0141 418 5990
Claire Hamilton Fleet Care Broker 0141 212 4589
Claims Care  
Harry Conaghan Cert CII Claims Director – Claims Care 0141 418 5995
Daniel Williams Claims Handler 0141 418 5974
David Whitten Claims Handler 0141 212 4583
Private Client – Personal Lines  
Karen Wyatt Private Client Team Manager 0141 418 5971
Jennifer Russell Private Client Broker (Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri) 0141 418 5972
Lorraine Quinn Private Client Broker (Mon/Wed/Fri) 0141 418 5973
Linda Mulgrew Private Client Broker (Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu) 0141 418 5970
Alison Harttrup Private Client Broker 0141 418 5991
Christine Findlay Internal Accountant & Administrator 0141 418 5998
Elaine Forster Admin/Accounts Assistant (Tue/Wed/Thu)
Kelvin Smith Financial Planning Ltd  
Stuart MacKenzie M.A. (Hons), DipFA Director 0141 212 4582
Jack Meldrum Mortgage & Protection Adviser 0141 212 4592
Helen Fergus DipPFS Operation Manager/Paraplanner 0141 212 4585
J Alan Whitelaw ACII, DipPFS Senior Financial Consultant

 COVID-19 – Insurance Cover

We have understandably received a lot of enquiries regarding the insurance position with COVID-19 in recent weeks, in particular with regards comments or advice that has been given that insurers will provide cover for COVID-19 related losses.  The Association of British Insurers has issued a statement in response to this which you can read on their website.

At the time of writing, the short answer is that there is generally no meaningful cover available for Property Damage and/or Business Interruption losses related to the impact of COVID-19.

Regarding Employers’ and Public Liability cover, policies should respond to claims brought against a policyholder from a claimant who alleges negligence for personal injury as a result of COVID-19. As a result of this, appropriate due diligence should be exercised, and as far as possible documented, with regards the welfare of both your employees and customers.

COVID-19 is a currently a global pandemic which has resulted in the systematic shut down of several countries both socially and, to a slightly lesser degree economically, at the time of writing and is not a risk which can be insured against in terms of Property Damage and/or Business Interruption losses.

Ultimately, the impact of COVID-19 in the UK can only be lessened or mitigated by measures taken by the UK Government in the coming weeks and months.

In terms of practical advice for those businesses which have been forced to temporarily close, it may be useful for you to implement the following to mitigate the risk of damage or loss as far as possible:

  • Isolate / turn off the water supply and drain down the water pipes /system to prevent any potential burst pipes if possible
  • Ensure all intruder and fire alarm systems are set in full
  • Lock and secure all windows and doors
  • Keep all stock at least 10cm from floor level to protect against water ingress (use of pallets should achieve this).
  • Ensure there is no waste or waste materials internally within buildings and that any waste materials outside are either secured in a locked skip and kept a minimum of 10 metres from any buildings, or as far away as possible from the building

All covers, of course, are subject to the terms and conditions of your insurance policy which you should check for full details.

We thank you for your patience and understanding during this unprecedented time.