KDLG:  The city of Dillingham has hired a new DMV clerk, and a new public works director.A cool, rainy weekend has helped tamper the state’s first wild land fire of the season. State Division of Forestry spokesperson Tim Mowry says the size of the Medfra fire northeast of McGrath is holding at about 9,600 acres.“There’s still a few hot spots in the hills and some black spruce on the northern edge of the fire. We’re taking some resources off that fire and they’re thinking they’ve got four to six more days of work before they put that fire to bed.”School may be out for summer, but Bristol Bay libraries are trying to get local youth to keep cracking the books anyway. Preliminary report to LBC recommends western Bristol Bay instead form long-discussed borough and share revenues from taxes on salmon, herring, and tourism.

Efforts to launch local processors in two Bristol Bay communities may finally be coming to fruition.

Rod Rau has been principal at the school for eleven years; teacher Sueal Cunningham will take over in the fall.

Bristol Bay libraries start summer reading programs

Jun 6, two thousand sixteen

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  • Normal-to-late, Icicle Seafood’s Warner Lew is telling his fleet. He shares why he thinks that with us. Listen here… 

    Early surge prompts extended effort in Chigniks and early start for Sand Point set netters, but the run appears to have tapered back towards normal.

    That’s Xander Jamieson, captain of the Bucko.This week, thoughts on sockeye run timing and the rapid erosion at Kanakanak Beach, a new brailer bag business in Naknek, plus poetry and song, on Bristol Bay and Beyond. 


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    • Weekend Rains Help Cool Medfra Fire

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      Hannah Colton / KDLG

    • two hours ago By Shaylon Cochran



      Dillingham DMV reopens

      The Port of Dillingham is ready for another busy fishing season. The docks are in and the dredging is finished. Harbormaster Jean Barrett says the US Army Corps of Engineers is removing more material from the

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      port every year.

      Jun 3, two thousand sixteen

      The earliest news about where fish are headed might be a day late this summer.

      courtesy Warner Lew

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      When he’s not captaining the Bucko out in the Bay, Xander Jamieson is sometimes piloting his drone overhead.

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    • When will the sockeye show?

      First 3-G and now drones. Technology is making it easier for Bristol Bay fisherman to connect with potential customers. KDLG spoke with one boat captain who has enlisted some aerial help to market his catch.

      Taking to the Air to Sell Salmon

      First 3-G and now drones. Technology is making it easier for Bristol Bay fishermen to connect with potential customers. KDLG spoke with one boat captain who has enlisted some aerial help to market his catch.

      If you hear a little buzz in the air at the boat yard this summer, don’t worry. It’s just business.

      Jun 7, two thousand sixteen

      “What we’ve noticed with the warmer winters we’ve been having, our mud and silt levels have gone up. Three years ago we pumped, I believe, 97,000 cubic yards out of here. Last year was 113,000 cubic yards and I think this year it’s going to be up (around) 126,000 cubic yards.”

      Bristol Bay and Beyond, June 3, 2016

      Say hello to one of the newest marketing tools for salmon in Bristol Bay.

      By Shaylon Cochran

      “This is a little DJI Phantom two drone.”Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game, and US Fish and Wildlife Service, believe moving north line one mile south will offer buffer zone for walrus hauled out at Cape Greig. Diane Hill is the chief and (so far) only seamstress for Bristol Bay Brailers, LLC, a new business in Naknek.

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